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For Professional Use

Our Contractor sized products and our low, low prices

  • 150 Gallon Drum Kit Standard colors - $4,425
  • 150 Gallon Drum Kit Premium - Standard colors - $8,850
  • 150 Gallon Drum Kit Clear - $4,595
  • 30 Gallon Kit Standard colors - $1,121.96
  • 30 Gallon Kit Premium - Standard colors - $2,242
  • 30 Gallon Kit Clear - $1,225
  • 15 Gallon Kit Standard Colors - $585
  • 15 Gallon Kit Premium - Standard Colors - $1,170
  • 15 Gallon Kit Clear - $635

These prices are for the materials without tools. Tools can be ordered separately as needed. See Products Page for complete details and for easy order on-line link.

Announcing our Overstock Flake Store
Flakes in bulk contractor sizes at terrific savings

Discount Epoxy has added an Overstock Flake Store to our contractor products. Our objective is to provide you with a one stop source for all your epoxy and flake needs, with the lowest prices in the business.

New! See our huge inventory at amazing low Prices


Call us at 888-908-0114 for the lowest prices anywhere!

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You can purchase our Counter Coat kits directly from our affiliate company at counter-coat.com Counter Coat is the only counter top coating kit of its kind! Counter Coat is perfect for Kitchen Countertops, Bar Counters, Table Tops, and Service Counters. No need to spend thousands of dollars for new counter tops, when you can transform your old dingy and worn-out counter tops at a fraction of the cost with Counter-Coat!


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